‘Little Amazon’ A Cute Addition To iOS

A Screencap from Little AmazoncTools Studios, CaZap, and BulkyPix will shortly be releasing Little Amazon, an adorable combination platformer and running game.

After centuries of peace, a magical forest suffers from an invasion by Gruul and his army after their Fairy King  falls into a deep slumber.  Gruul wants to absorb the forest’s magical energy and terrorize its citizens.

You get to play as Lily, a small Amazon, who, with the help of magical creatures, will attempt to wrest back control of the forest.  Your goal is to destroy Gruul’s minions using various abilities.  The attacks have names like, “The Flying Cloud,” “Meteor Rain,” and “The Attack of the Clones.”  All of the skills and even your jumping ability get to be upgraded with coins during gameplay.

Little Amazon promises hours of entertainment, tons of customization through upgrades, and HD graphics.  You can even play it with the Apple TV.

The game is scheduled to be released on November 22 for iOS.  It’s free, so there’s no reason not to check the brightly colored game out.  You can find more updates about the game from cTools Studios’s Twitter and  Facebook,  CaZap’s Twitter and Facebook, and BulkyPix’s Twitter and Facebook.