Literally Draw Your Weapons in Gesturoids

Gesturoids, from Finnish studio Kyy Games (Knights of Pen and Paper 2), presents a modern blend of the classics 70’s games Asteroids and Space Invaders, which influenced many generations of shmups throughout gaming history. “Yes, Space Invaders is certainly one inspiration for Gesturoids. It is a game fondly remembered by the designers from their childhoods. Another inspiration comes from a project Kyy founders had previously worked on called Star Wars: Force Unleashed Mobile, where the control mechanism had similarities in that you needed to draw shapes,” said Douglas Symon, from Kyy Games. As its name suggests, Gesturoids’ gameplay is entirely gesture-based, and players must draw different shapes on their mobile devices to destroy the perfectly-symmetrical objects that fall down the screen.

gesturoids2The game’s simplistic plot is about the idea of protecting your home planet. All asteroids have different shapes inside them, and each time the player draws that shape on the 4-square grid, the ship fires a blast to hit the matching shape. If no shape is drawn, the asteroids will pass through the defenses and end the game.

Unlockable upgrades are available, in case the player’s hand-eye coordination is not ready for the massive meteor shower in later levels. Infinite levels intend to present quite a challenge, even for experienced players. An achievement system has been created, along with a points and high-score system, as can be expected from a game with such influences.

Gesturoids is already available for free for iOS and Android devices, though it does offer in-app purchases.

Further information about it can be found at its official website, and other updates and news can be found on the developer’s Twitter.

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