Light Fall Shakes up the Platforming Genre with its Shadow Core

Fans of platformers such as Limbo and Super Meat Boy will quickly take to Light Fall‘s art style, with its use of predominantly dark-colored silhouettes. While there’s a lot that feels familiar in the background, the foreground focus is on platforming mechanics that make use of a Shadow Core.

Bishop Games uses a dark box that can be summoned on command as the centerpiece of Light Fall. The player can use the magical artifact in a multitude of ways to overcome any obstacles encountered throughout the game. The most obvious one is to use it as a jumping point in open spaces, but it can also work as shield against projectiles and dangers. At specific times, it serves as a key to opening doors, disarming traps, and solving puzzles. The creators want to encourage players to be creative and to use the Shadow Core as they see fit to progress.


Light Fall‘s world is one enshrouded in darkness, taking place on the Forgotten World of Numbra. The main character embarks on a quest to uncover secrets about their past as well as the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of some inhabitants. While searching for clues, players venture through areas like the Lunar Plain, the Marshlands of Sorrow, and Vipera’s Forest, meeting friendly and hostile creatures alike. Stryx the Night Owl accompanies the main character throughout the game and narrates the story.


Light Fall recently went up on Kickstarter, asking for $20,000 (CAD) to fund its development. Donating $10 (about $8 USD) grants an “early bird” Steam key of the game for Windows or Mac, estimated for delivery sometime in June 2016. Linux platform support is a $30,000 stretch goal, and PlayStation Vita support unlocks at $40,000.

Check out Light Fall‘s Kickstarter campaign page for more details about reward tiers and the game’s storyline. Visit Bishop Games’ Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date.

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