Light Apprentice Volume 1 Combines RPGs and Comics

Developer Amazu Media and publisher BulkyPix are releasing their new RPG title, Light Apprentice Volume 1, later this week. The game is described as “a one-of-a-kind comic gamebook offering a whole new gaming experience on mobiles.”


Nate, a boy who has been asleep for 300 years, wakes up to a desecrated world and must join with four other Apprentices in order to salvage the planet. The story is largely based on choices made by the player, and the characters will be shaped by numerous decisions, as well. The player also has the ability to fight or spare a variety of enemies and bosses throughout the game.

The Light Apprentice Volume 1 comprises the first four chapters of the project. The first chapter was initially released in 2014, but it was ultimately decided that the first four chapters would be better to release together before any subsequent chapters launched. New additions from 2014 include two new playable characters, an improved combat system, a new game mode, and much more.


According to the publisher, “With its unique hand-drawn graphics, its engaging storyline driven by the choices players make and its accessible RPG gameplay, Light Apprentice is setting an interesting milestone for the integration of comic books into video game.”

The Light Apprentice Volume 1 will launch for iOS and Android devices on Thursday, November 26, for $4.99 USD. For more information, check out The Light Apprentice on Twitter, Facebook, and the official website.