Let The Spy Battle Begin With Master Spy

On September 8th, development studio TurboGun will release their stealth precision platformer, titled Master Spy. The game will play out like an exciting, somewhat-futuristic spy movie using cinematic, sprite-art cut scenes, challenging levels, and a great spy-fi original soundtrack by André Allen Anjos / RAC.


In Master Spy, players control a skilled spy as he sneaks through over 50 levels, avoiding guards, lasers, automatic traps, and quick-striking animals like dogs, tigers, and sharks. The spy will need to jump quickly from platform to tiny platform to avoid different dangers, and can cloak himself to turn invisible and hide from the view of the guards. The cloak does nothing to fool the extra senses of the animals, requiring players to react quickly once the animal spots them.

Between missions, the narrative is shown through different cut scenes, playing out some hilarious one-liners and action-packed moments. Master Spy offers a novice mode with checkpoints for players having a hard time with the game, as well as an unlockable blind master mode that challenges players with limited visibility. Players are encouraged to replay and explore the game’s many levels as there are a few secret locations to uncover, some of which lead to alternate cut scenes that change the course of the story!

GmxwOjU - Imgur

Master Spy will be available on September 8th for PC and Mac for $9.99, or for $14.99 with the inclusion of the original soundtrack. Those who preorder the game through the official site will receive a 15% discount on both packages! For more information on this and future TurboGun games, follow the developer on Twitter or like their Facebook page. And look forward to a review on launch day right here on IGM!

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