Legion of Tomb: ‘The Pyramid’ Now Available on iOS

Far be it for us to accuse anyone of misogyny, but it seems that Kuneko aren’t content to let Lara Croft hog the spotlight in the ramshackle surroundings of decadent erected Egyptian edifices. With the release of The Pyramid, an action puzzle title set withinhe confines of an Egyptian pyramid, the upstart indie studio is hopping on the bandwagon set in motion by Ms. Croft, and it’s fair to say that they aren’t doing things half-heartedly.

With over 90 levels’ worth of puzzling quandaries on offer, The Pyramid¬†focuses on the well-trodden paths of action, logic and trap evasion in equal measure. Injecting a healthy dose of tension into the fray are an array of incrementally decreasing time limits, where the player must steal each level’s respective ankh and hightail out of the vicinity before getting mauled by the game’s cast of disgruntled mummies.

Perhaps, then, you could say we’re looking at the Indiana Jones take on the traditional puzzle genre, giving players an insight into an intrepid explorer’s preferred choice of extra-curricular entertainment once the broadsheet crosswords outstay their welcome.

To purchase The Pyramid, head over to its official page on the App Store.