Lead Mercenaries to War in Cold Contract

War is random, cold, unpredictable, and cruel. Those themes are represented in Cold Contract, a tactical solider game with a mix of turn-based and real-time strategy elements.

Abandoned by a comrade in your hour of need, you decide to take revenge; and what better way than to beat your new nemesis at their own game? To do so, players need to hire the best team of mercenary soldiers they can muster. Once selected and outfitted, they venture into the varied environments with specific objectives, such as rescuing hostages, eliminating opposition, sabotaging weapons, eliminating VIPs, and more. The terrain features play a big role in deciding an approach. Certain areas can be destroyed with the right equipment, and players can alternatively opt to attack at night, barging in full force, or sneakily sniping at night.


But all those elements become much more interesting when they change with every playthrough. Just about every aspect of Cold Contract is randomized. The mercenaries and their traits, every environment during missions, and the objectives, as well as locations of enemies. To combat the possibly less favorable situations, there are plenty of passive upgrades for the Headquarters, and thirty perks for the characters. Gaining firepower and improving the size of the squad is key to victory, with unlockable options like drone assault and satellite viewing further aiding the mercs.

Developed by a team of two, Cold Contract is continuously improving. The game is currently campaigning for votes on Steam Greenlight, and also has an IndieDB page where you can download a demo. If commanding mercenaries sounds like your kind of war, you can actually purchase a full version of Cold Contract for $4.99 directly from the game’s website.

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