#LD34 Quick Picks: Vrach’s Lab, SvardBjorn, and Seven Cannon Army

Over the next few weeks I’ll be going through the thousands of games that were submitted during Ludum Dare 34, and selecting some highlights that I felt stood out from the crowd.

Vrach’s Lab by VrachLab

Vrach’s Lab is a little infinity runner featuring a scientist (probably Vrach himself) who has the ability to grow and shrink in size. Players have to get Vrach as far as possible without dying, and to do so they must time their size-shifts to allow Vrach to fit into the tiny passages or leap over the large pits that are scattered throughout his laboratory.

I liked the little added mechanic of having to worry about Vrach’s size, as well as having to worry about jumping over obstacles and such. Vrach’s Lab took something that many players are familiar with, added a new mechanic to it, and made it work with a fun theme.

SvardBjorn by Windmill Games


SvardBjorn reminded me a lot of The Farce Awakens from a few days ago. In SvardBjorn players control a viking who is defending a bridge from goblins. By using the left and right arrow keys players can attack or defend themselves from enemies coming in from either side. Chaining together attacks unlocks special abilities like a spear throw, or a fire-slam (seen above) which quickly takes out any enemies close by.

Seven Cannon Army by r8berto

Seven Cannon Army

Seven Cannon Army has players defending their territory from a never-ending onslaught of bombers. With cannons and utility buildings, players must use each structure’s abilities strategically if they plan on trying to survive for a long time.

Using spacebar to trigger a building’s ability (whether that is to shoot upwards or activate a shield it does not matter) and hitting control shifts player’s control on to the next building. This creates a frenzy of switching between the cannons to fire at the planes, and switching back to the shield and repaid buildings to make sure they are always active.


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