‘Lacuna Passage’ Tasks Players With Surviving On Mars

Lacuna Passage

Jessica Rainer is the star of Lacuna Passage from developer Random Seed. She is the lone survivor of the Heracles Mars expedition crew, after their spacecraft crash-landed on Mars. Their original mission was to figure out what happened to the Hermes expedition, which had mysteriously disappeared. Now, the mission is simply to survive.

Random Seed has been working on Lacuna Passage since late last summer. Inspired by the Curiosity Rover, and seeking to create a game that chronicles the dangers of initial space exploration, Random Seed has created a game that challenges players to not only survive, but to explore, and solve a mystery.

“Games like Dead Space, Metroid Prime, or Mass Effect, and many of these take place far in the future where we lose some context for the difficulty and high risks associated with space exploration,” explains the developer in a dev blog post. “Everyone has a spaceship, and things like gravity, physics, and engineering are trivial matters. On the other end of the spectrum are the space simulators (Kerbal Space Program, Universe Sandbox) that don’t have a story to tell, they simple try to replicate the nature of space or space travel. There are very few games that sit in between those styles.”

Lacuna Passage is targeting that “in between” space, for landing.

In previous dev blog posts, Random Seed revealed that Lacuna Passage spans over twenty-five square miles (40.2 km), and real Martian topography was used in the generation of the game’s landscape.

Visit Lacuna Passage’s official website, and follow the developer on Twitter.

Lacuna Passage


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