‘L.A. Noire’ Developers Form New Indie Studio: Intuitive Game Studios

Intuitive Game Studios Logo

A new indie game studio has been formed by two developers from L.A. Noire studio Team Bondi. Entitled Intuitive Game Studios, the team has launched with a simple website and Facebook page.

“Intuitive Game Studios is an independent game developer with big ambitions,” reads the main page of the website. “At Intuitive we focus intently on quality and content to proudly produce exactly the kind of game we would want to play ourselves.” The studio was set up by Alex Carlyle, former design lead at Team Bondi for L.A. Noire, and Kelly Baigent who worked on storyboarding for the game.

This is a fresh start for veterans of the controversial Australian development studio Team Bondi, which was laden with controversy over the exclusion of over 100 employees in the credits of L.A. Noire. Soon after the release of the game, an article was published on IGN quoting ex-employees of the studio about horrendous working hours and conditions. The studio closed down in late 2011, after not signing on for another project. Some of the former staff confirmed they were developing a game entitled Whore of the Orient, which as of now is still seeking a publisher.

According to a post on MCV, the studio will be hiring contractors rather than full-time staff, as is the case with most indie studios. In the same post, Carlyle was quoted as saying he’d like to stay in Australia. “I want to stay here and make games and hopefully be able to sustain a small studio, provide employment and jobs here.”

There is no word on the first game in development for Intuitive, but anyone who is interested can sign up for a mailing list on their website.