‘Knightmare Tower’ The Knightmare Beginnings On The Ouya

Knightmare Tower ss01

With the Ouya destined to start shipping towards the end of the month we can expect to see more developers start to develop for the small budget console. Knightmare Tower by Juicy Beast is their first game for Ouya.

Knightmare Tower is a rather fun little game in which you must bounce on top of enemies heads to make it up the tower in order to rescue the princess which I am sure sounds rather standard by now after we have been dealing with several decades of saving princesses after all.

Full of vibrant visuals and good humour all around Knightmare Tower is a fast paced exciting game that offers a great deal of fun whilst you battle through the levels. The full game on Ouya will feature two modes, a standard campaign and survival mode in which you must battle through and save ten princesses.

Alongside the levels expect to see a wide variety of upgrades which also include some rather quirky aesthetic change, 70 quests to complete and over 50 monsters to slice your way through you really get a lot for your money.

If Knightmare Tower sounds familiar to you then maybe you have come across the web version which was released last year, to much success. The Ouya version will build on the already great framework adding a great deal of extra content to the new version making for a much more robust release.

Knightmare Tower will be released on the Ouya March 28th however if you just can’t wait be sure to check out the web version now whilst you wait for the release later this week.

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