King Lucas Needs Intrepid Knights to Find His Girls

King Lucas of Sausan once had a queen who bore him three daughters – Princesses Grace, Micaela, and Pia. But then he had an affair with the Witch of Sausan, resulting in the birth of his fourth daughter Celandine. The queen, not being the sort to take this well, promptly divorced her husband and moved to another country. The king has the love of his daughters to console him, but his royal offspring tend to get lost inside his constantly shifting palace. Therefore, he often needs an intrepid knight to find whichever daughter is currently missing.

Welcome to King Lucas, an upcoming adventure game from Spanish developer Devilish Games. Recently vetted on Steam Greenlight in very short time, King Lucas invites players to infiltrate the tumultuous royal household and search out one of the princesses.


The castle is made up of hundreds of interconnected, uniquely hand-designed rooms, the layout reconfigured with every playthrough. Since the queen left, the castle has turned dangerous; the rooms are filled with monsters and hazards. Along the way, the player can interact with personable NPCs, including King Lucas, his other daughters, assorted citizens of the realm, and the mysterious Witch of Sausan.

King Lucas aims to offer two gameplay modes. In solo mode, the knight searches through the castle for his lovely quarry. With each completed run, the castle grows larger and more complicated, all the way up to trying to find the princess in a labyrinth of more than a thousand rooms. The knight earns money to spend when visiting Faust the blacksmith, who provides assorted weapons and improvements; these can then be carried over into multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, players compete to be the first to find the missing princess. One princess, one winner – and anyone who dies along the way is out.


King Lucas is expected to launch on Steam in Q1 2016. It will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux, and is planned to have five different language options. Be the first to answer the king’s call when the quest begins by visiting the official Facebook, Twitter, and Steam community.

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