King Art Games Seeks Funding For Cross-Platform Asynchronous Turn-Based ‘Battle Worlds: Kronos’


Yesterday, King Art Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest project, Battle Worlds: Kronos. With over forty titles under their belt, ten of which were comparably as big or larger than what is planned for Battle Worlds: Kronos, King Art Games has the muscle needed to tackle this sort of project, they just need some extra support from prospective fans, to see the project through completion.

As of today, the Kickstarter campaign looks to be a success. In the day since launching the campaign, fans have raised over a third of the goal initially set by King Art Games.

“When we planned to bring Battle Worlds: Kronos back with your help, we were anxious to see whether you would feel the same about the game as we did,” King Art Games explains in their campaign update from earlier today. “Now we know, and we are both excited and humbled by your outpouring of support.”

Battle Worlds: Kronos has been on King Art Games’ to-do list for awhile. Previously, the team pitched an early build around to publishers, but were presented with much smaller budgets than what the team desired. “[The publishers] offered us a budget that would have been too low and meant cut-backs on our vision of what the game could be. Kickstarter offers us the opportunity to make the game we have envisioned – all options included.”

Now the team is seeking $120,000 to assist with the completion of Battle Worlds: Kronos. In a little over a day, the current total raised is $46,904 and is slowly ticking up. The Kickstarter campaign funds will help the team with financing music, additional effects, and voice-over work for Battle World: Kronos. King Art Games claims they have already invested $300,000 into the game, so the Kickstarter goal would be one third of the total cost of the game.


The asynchronous multiplayer feature seems to be a particular draw, with people in the comments section. With Battle World: Kronos‘ cross-platform capabilities (PC/Mac/Linux) the asynchronous multiplayer allows players to play the game at their own pace. King Art Games seems to agree with fans, about this particular feature. “…it’s the asynchronous multiplayer mode that really gets us going. Playing Battle Worlds: Kronos across platforms and in asynchronous mode means that the game is with you anywhere, anytime. You can spend days and weeks fighting epic battles against opponents all over the world. Play a turn, transfer it to the server and let your enemy make his move. Take your time while taking turns and fighting for victory! For us, this is the coolest aspect of the game.”

Along with the asynchronous multiplayer, Battle Worlds: Kronos is set to feature a singleplayer campaign, challenge maps, live multiplayer, and a map editor for user-generated content creation.

An Alpha version is in the works for backers who fund over $75, which can be expected within a month or two. A Closed Beta for all backers is planned to be available later this year, and an Open Beta for everyone will be available following the Closed Beta.

Visit Battle Worlds: Kronos’ Kickstarter campaign page to check out the game. If funding through Kickstarter is an issue, King Art Games plans to have a PayPal option available later on in the week. Visit King Art Games’ official website for information on their previous titles.


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