Kinect-based Game Fru Wins Big at Global Game Jam 2014

During this year’s Global Game Jam, a battlefield of 48 sleepless, fruitful developer hours, Fru garnered both the audience’s and judge’s recognition at their local Jam, in Breda, Netherlands.

The theme this year was “we don’t see things as they are but as we are.” Fru is a platformer that makes use of the Xbox’s Kinect. The outline of the player’s body appears on the screen, while a little character is controlled by a pad. The contours of the player’s body reveal an alternate reality, with new platforms for the protagonist to jump on. The goal is to position yourself correctly so that the character can get to a door.

“To understand how the game works, you’d have to imagine two pieces of paper on top of each other, each one containing a different platformer level,” writes Mattia Traveroso, game and level designer. “In a normal game, you’d only see the top one. ”

See for yourself how this pans out in the video above. While at first you only have to position yourself to reveal one platform, later on your own body might get in the way, concealing the platforms you need. Eventually, the goal door is locked, requiring the player to hover over star symbols to open it, resulting in hilarious poses.

If you own a Kinect, you can download Fru on the game’s website.

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