Killing Floor: Calamity Wreaks Havoc On Ouya


Ouya owners may finally have to go out and buy an actual paperweight, because it turns out the console can actually be used to play games too. Tripwire Interactive just announced Killing Floor: Calamity is available now, exclusively for Ouya. Developed by Toadman Interactive – the folks behind Dwarfs!? Calamity reimagines the original first-person Killing Floor for PC as a top-down arcade shooter, built with couch co-op in mind. The story is simple: Players assume the role of military soldiers tasked with eliminating the monstrous results of a cloning experiment gone awry. Features include an upgradeable perk system that adds new abilities as players level up, 9 maps to purge either solo or with a buddy in single-screen co-op, over 30 weapons to choose from, support for both Ouya and PS3 DualShock 3 controllers, and 21 playable characters making their return from the original PC title.

On the subject of release platforms, Tripwire Interactive Vice President Alan Wilson stated that, “we feel Ouya is leading the charge in disrupting the way in which games are both created and consumed today and, as our history suggests with our successes with both Red Orchestra and Killing Floor, we’re not shy about embracing early, new digital distribution models.” To coincide with the release of Calamity, those interested can purchase an Ouya console for the limited time discounted price of $40, which includes free shipping, by entering the code “calamity” at checkout. More information on that deal can be found here. Additional information about the game can be found on Calamity‘s Ouya game page.

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