Kickstarter: ‘GameTron 1000’ – Covering All The Classic Genres

GameTron 1000

GameTron 1000 is a project that has been on Kickstarter for a few weeks now, but it’s so ambitious I just had to cover it. Developer Mojo Bones, known for games such as The Curse, is looking to bring multiple genres in a single game with GameTron 1000.

Platformers, endless-runners, beat em’ ups, slash em’ ups, boss fights, etc., GameTron 1000 will have them all. Each genre and sub-genre is randomly generated using a “reel system” which will even select random characters, enemies, collectibles, and environments. It sounds like the perfect solution to the short attention span of today.

On the GameTron 1000 Kickstarter page Mojo Bones states that “One minute you could be platforming through the desert fighting off waves of zombie pigeons, next, you’re running away from a giant bug-eyed marshmallow monster with two minutes to toast him!”

It all sounds like fun, but they are in some desperate need of backers. Currently GameTron 1000 sits at  £3,186 of their £90,000 goal with only 28 days left to go. To get a closer look at GameTron 1000 be sure to visit the official Kickstarter page.