Kickstarter campaign seeks to fund JRPG inspired game, Melancholy Republic

Indie development group Cloud Runner Studios is currently seeking backer assistance on Kickstarter to help fund their JRPG-inspired title, Melancholy Republic. Creator and director Nicholas Spargo and his team hope to deliver on many of the conventions that fans of classic JRPGs have come to expect, including vast environments to explore, emotional storylines, and a classically melodic soundtrack.


Players embark on a journey as Claire C. Lockridge, a female politician who seeks to end the rampant corruption in her nation’s government. Created using the RPG Maker system, players will experience the story across 4 separate chapters. Each chapter will have its own unique group of characters to encounter, and will force players to journey through the various sections of the grand city of Lorna.


Cloud Runner Studios eagerly points out that repetitive grinding will not be part of their game’s equation and has instead opted to implement a minigame system. Whether it be investigating crime scenes or sneaking through buildings to avoid guards, the emphasis will be on narrative development rather than combat.

For additional details, the official trailer, and samples of Melancholy Republic’s soundtrack – created by Metronomix Studios – make sure to check out the Kickstarter page.

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