Kickstart this: Xeno Galaxies is a Massive Combo Game

In its final 24 hours, the Kickstarter forĀ Xeno Galaxies from Canadian developer Neovariance Games is in need of support from the gaming community.

Simon “Enomi” Lebettre, the leader of the team, has been working hard in the game industry for a few years now. He hopes that the Kickstarter will enable him to continue to work full time on the Xeno Galaxies project, and hire additional staff members to help him and his friends bring the game to completion.


Lebettre describes the game as being a combination of three distinct genres. All at the same time, it is a first-person shooter, a space trader, and a wide-open sandbox. The adventure takes place in a dynamic universe which includes both scripted events and random encounters. Players will design their own spaceships, as well as factories, planetary outposts, and space stations; they will also have the option of sharing their blueprints, allowing them to become part of the game for other players. Extraordinary experiences await those who venture into outer space, ranging from crashing on an unfamiliar world, to confronting a nuclear reactor which has gone critical. Accept scripted missions, or venture into deep space on your own.


Xeno Galaxies is already on Steam Greenlight, and players are invited to try the downloadable pre-Alpha demo. If you enjoy what you see, perhaps you can help Lebettre reach his goal before the timer runs out at midnight. You can also keep track of the team’s progress on their Facebook page.

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