Kickstart This: Voidrunner, a Surreal Flight Combat Experience

Described as “Race the Sun meets Star Wars Rogue Squadron,” the Kickstarter campaign for Voidrunner is obviously looking to catch some attention. The title, in development by RealityArts, is a fast-paced combat flight game, and the developers say that their goal was to design an experience similar to “the epic flight scenes of the movies [they] love.”


According to Voidrunner‘s KickStarter campaign, which has until September 15 to raise the minimum goal of £47,000 (approx. $74k USD), players can anticipate 11 modes in which to experience these flights. This includes Story Mode, in which pilots fly through 21 maps of scripted and dynamic sequences, Free Flight Mode, for those more interested in relaxing aerial experiences, and a number of multiplayer modes. While the latter contains well-known multiplayer options such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and more, online multiplayer is actually a stretch goal. For the initial funding goal, these experiences would be played in single player, against AI, or split-screen with a friend serving as either friend or foe.


There’s a huge number of game features and backer tiers, but Voidrunner‘s basic stretch goals would see the inclusion of online multiplayer, a MOBA-esque mode, and even an open world, in which players can leave their ships in order to explore, trade and fight.

In creating Voidrunner, the studio have stated that they “get inspiration from everything… and that anything [they do] can be the beginning of a new idea.” Furthermore, while reaching an audience for their game was a new challenge for the team, they have discovered that “Kickstarter is all about interaction with the community.” This can be seen in the image below, showing that extra game features will also be added once the game’s social channels reach a certain amount of follows and likes.


Voidrunner is flying towards a release date somewhere in the second quarter of 2016. It is scheduled for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam at first, although PS4 and Xbox One versions are planned for late-2016.

For those that fancy pledging to the combat flight game, they may do so via Voidrunner‘s KickStarter. Learn more about the game on the studio’s website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Especially eager pilots can also email RealityArts at, and ask about a pre-Alpha demo that is available to try.