Kickstart This – Infinity: Battlescape Promises Space-Travel With No Interruptions

Infinity: Battlescape is an ambitious multiplayer space simulator that spans over an accurately-scaled star system with dozens of detailed planets and moons, and three corporations fighting each other for absolute control. The game is developed with the aim of allowing players to experience and recreate epic, beautifully-rendered space battles similar to those in Star Wars, and Battlestar: Galactica.


Infinity: Battlescape is being developed for hundreds of gamers to control their own spaceship and take part in campaigns lasting for several days, interlaced with many battles. Though the game will allow for solo players to enjoy these procedurally-generated star systems, I-Novae Studios encourages team-based play and massive multiplayer campaigns for a better experience. The game is promised to have no loading screens besides the initializing load after the start menu, made possible through the in-studio developed I-Novae Engine. Through this engine, players are able to seamlessly travel through space between randomly generated planets and moons, and then enter the atmosphere of these planetoids to see detailed structures and take part in atmospheric combat.


As the players do battle with each other over this expanse, they must also protect and ensure the safe transfer of their supplies, as they are the main source of income for the team. With this income, players can upgrade their ships, customize their layout, or purchase new vehicles from the wide variety of available types, ranging from small and quick interceptors to large and powerful battleships. Smaller ships move quick in battle and use a first-person view for full immersion. The larger, slower, capital-class ships provide an Eve-like third person view for better strategic use.


Infinity: Battlescape is currently being developed for PC with other possible ports and features becoming available depending on the success of their Kickstarter Campaign. A $1-million USD stretch goal will allow for built-in support that assists in setting up and administrating competitive matches, and a $1.5-million stretch goal would allow for semi-persistent gameplay and better base-building features. For more information on this game project, follow the team’s development on Twitter or “like” their game on Facebook.

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