Kickstart This: Explore the Seas With Neptune Flux

Meet Sarah, a young woman who tries to forget about her troubled past. She works for A.Q.U.A., a global conglomerate which is in charge of preparing for humanity’s exodus. You see, in Sarah’s world, the land has turned into a barely-inhabitable dust bowl, and outer space is not an option. For humanity to survive, the only hope is to colonize the unexplored ocean floor, and A.Q.U.A. is the only outfit which has a prayer of bringing this plan to fruition.


In the upcoming deep sea adventure Neptune Flux, players take on the role of Sarah, who is tasked with helping to explore the uncharted depths of the ocean. Because there is no natural light to be had, she must venture into the darkness with artificial light sources such as flares and floodlights as well as other tools, including sonar. It’s an open-world adventure, and Sarah needs to learn what humanity will face as they venture into the depths. But as she searches farther and wider, she comes across more questions than answers, and her quest becomes a hunt for the truth about what’s really happening. As she searches the ocean floor and discovers beautiful and amazing sights, she uncovers a bigger mystery than she ever expected.

The game, which is the first from one-man developer Zoxide Games, offers “an engrossing story filled with dark secrets and an unlikely heroine.” Sarah must earn her paycheck by fulfilling the missions A.Q.U.A. wants completed, during which she will recover lost cargo and treasure from ancient (and even supernatural) wreck sites. Her earnings can then be used to upgrade the dive pod with more advanced gear, allowing for easier exploration.


Inspired by games such as Myst, Fallout, and Bioshock, Neptune Flux has been approved on Steam Greenlight and will be available for both Windows and Mac. It will support the use of VR headsets like Oculus Rift, but such a headset is not required to enjoy the game.

As mentioned, Zoxide Games is currently conducting a Kickstarter, which as of this writing is almost halfway fulfilled, in hopes of funding the final stages of the game’s production. If all goes according to plan, Neptune Flux will release in November 2016. Be sure to check out more details on their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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