Kickstart This: Episodic Sci-Fi Adventure Verona

Prior Games recently launched their Kickstarter campaign for Verona, a sci-fi “Romeo & Juliet” story IGM covered back in March. The campaign is seeking a pledge of $375,000 by Oct 29, while also revealing other features of the game.

Verona will be released episodically, with five chapters scheduled for Season One. They will tell the story of this dying Earth’s “Romeo” and “Juliet”, who belong to two rival families currently interacting with Earth. “Romeo” is an Extractor, responsible for extracting fine art, important treasures, and national artifacts for the very wealthy sitting safe in space. “Juliet” is from a family that is part of the Global Traffic Department, also known as the GTD or Chevrons, responsible for evacuating Earth of its otherwise-doomed inhabitants. 4726ab84d0a3db1cacb7bad55cbe1ff7_original

Each episode follows the extraction of something important, with environmental mini-games and puzzles built around the process. This includes the use of a drone known as the “Firefly”, which provides a first-person view to explore the site and scan data for more cash. Each episode is then interconnected by intermezzos in 2-D adventure segments that play out on the Extractors’ mothership, the Queen Mab.

Each episode is expected to offer 45-60 minutes of gameplay on a single run-through, but offers more replay value with mission branches, story dialogue options, and multiple possible endings. Verona is an ambitious sci-fi game with the same conceptual scope as Mass Effect, encouraging multiple playthroughs for game completion. To support this game, pledge to the Kickstarter campaign, and follow the team on Twitter.

I'm a big JRPG fan in general, but games with a good story and great characters are what drive me. It touches the writer in me.

  • The game looks great, but isn’t looking like it’s going to reach its funding goal, unfortunately. Character and mech designs seem inspired by Appleseed by Masamune Shirow; he’s the best.