Kick Metallic (Robot) Butt in Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo

Tokyo just can’t get a break. Between Godzilla, various other Kaiju, and crazy weather phenomena, it seems their only defense is technology. What if that technology turned from defender to attacker? In Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo, that’s exactly what has happened. In 2042, Dr. Yui Rich Atsuga unveiled the GEAR System, a method of powering vehicles to make them faster and more maneuverable. All over the world, this idea was implemented into human-controlled bipedal robots, which were able to navigate more quickly and efficiently than vehicles.


Ultimately, these robots become the scourge of humanity, wiping out 80% of the population by 2097. Those who remain must make the decision to use the very same technology that has doomed the world, as it’s the only force strong enough to deal with what are now known as RAGE machines (anagram of GEAR).  With this RPG from Arc System Works (BlazBlue), players get to experience what it’s like to control a giant robot, with customization options not selected from a shop, but from parts taken from fallen enemies. Over 500 options for customization are built into Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo, so whatever playing style is preferred can likely be achieved.


With 50 missions in the Story mode, and an Arena mode (vs. AI), players can choose to continue the story, or have a quick battle. DLC will include new missions, as well as additional items and power-ups. The list of weapons said to be available include chainsaws, laser cannons, blades, and pile bunkers (as well as several others), for effective melee as well as ranged combat. Build a giant destructive GEAR robot, defeat the RAGE, and save the world. It’s that simple.

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo will be available on PlayStation Vita on March 24, and is priced at $14.99. Follow Arc System Works on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with release details and updates.

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