Jump Right ‘Into the Box’

Colorful, psychedelic and crazy; these three words can sum up Into the Box pretty accurately. Out now for web browsers and Android devices, Into the Box is an arcade-style game where you will find yourself navigating your way into colorful boxes at high speed. Granted, on paper it sounds a little bit on the lacking side, but this minimalistic approach to gameplay brings forth a fast paced arcade game.


The game will have you playing in order to achieve a high score, it’s that simple. If you want a little more substance to your experience, however, then the game offers a host of unlockables for all you completionists out there.  You can unlock bonus rings which you can then fly through in order to rack up a higher score. In order to unlock everything the game has to offer, you’ll need to rack up a score of 1500 or higher; and due to the game’s faced paced and reaction-based gameplay, we wish luck to whoever attempts that mission.

Into the Box is the fifth installment by developers Kayabros, who previously worked on web-browser titles like Orphan, Zipzip: Secret Dimension and Ode To Pixel Days. Into the Box marks Kayabros first steps into the mobile market, though. The game launched this morning, and is available to download for free here, as well as the Google Play store.