‘Journey: Collector’s Edition’ Minigames Getting The PSN Treatment?

Journey: Collector's Edition

The ratings boards strike again and give us fellow gamers a clue at what is to come in 2013. Siliconera recenty spotted listings and ratings for Duke War and Grave Diggers on PEGI’s ratings board. The names they found were some of the mini games that were recently released on the Journey: Collector’s Edition. Americans received the title this past fall, but our friends across the pond weren’t so lucky.

Journey: Collector’s Edition is most known for the PSN hits by thatgamecompany such as fl0w, Flower, and Journey, but the aforementioned games that showed up on the PEGI rating board were Duke War and Grave Diggers, two of the three titles that were also in the collector’s edition package.

Both games were created as a part of a 24hr Game Jam that have become so popular here in the indie community. One title that is noticeably missing from the listing was Nostril Shot. Either way it’s good to see that our European friends will finally be able to experience these games, albeit not in the nice package that North America received.