Join the Resistance with Gluddle vs. The Supervision

From the guys at Creative Heroes comes Gluddle vs The Supervision; a “beautiful bouncy ball game for iPad and iPhone.”  The Gluddle are repressed spherical and springy creatures, who rise up in resistance against their oppressors with a defiant and optimistic “oi!” The aim of the game is to shoot these bouncy-ball type creatures at the Supervision to kill them and to regain Gluddle freedom. This physics-based game lacks any kind of zombie, goblin, vampire or alien and is massively addictive.

Gluddle is making an obvious comment on the increasingly “Big Brother” state of the communities in which we live. Yet, the game is cute, colorful and fun. The game features interactive music, with 89 levels and unlimited Gluddle. The player can use their Gluddle to create bridges to their target by freezing one or more Gluddle in mid-air. The background scenery is beautiful, with a variety of locations, such as underwater, outer-space and the middle of the desert. The Supervision is everywhere, with signs forbidding any wrong-doing. Of course, the point of the game is that the player will ignore these signs completely, like the true revolutionaries that they are, and continue regardless.

If Gluddle had parents it would be the love-child of Angry Birds and Pinball. It promises to be one of those games that will keep you coming back for more, and then start again from scratch when you’ve completed it. It is a logical game that requires the player to think each move through and to use the environment to their advantage in order to reach their goal. And maybe it will make you think a little about starting your own resistance.

Gluddle vs The Supervision is available to download from the App Store for $0.99 for a limited time. For more information on this and other projects, visit Creative Heroes’ website.