Jetpack Bank Heists Abound in Billy Skyscraper

Billy Skyscraper is a side-scrolling arcade runner by Romain Courtois Games. Players take control of Billy, a jetpack vigilante trying to break into corporate skyscrapers to take back money stolen by bankers. The story is set in a retro version of Manhattan that’s filled with cyborg bankers and Shaolin guards.

Billy Skyscraper2

The goal of the game is to not only get as far as possible, but to also collect as many coins as possible while making sure not to crash. The problem is, the coins are not stationary; they just so happen to move along with giant steel carts, with each cart containing 5 coins. There’s a second challenging layer to Billy Skyscraper: in addition to collecting coins, the game also keeps track of the player’s performance. It does this by using a combo system called strikes, a bowling term.

Billy Skyscraper

If a player manages to collect all 5 coins they score a strike, activating the combo system. Each consecutive strike adds to the multiplier, which increases the value of coins on the next cart. Controls are simple: pressing the left side of the screen propels Billy forward, pressing the right side of the screen will allow Billy to dash headfirst. This specific move is used to go through windows, hit enemies, and dodge obstacles.

Billy Skyscraper is out now on the Google Play for free. To learn more about the game, visit the official website, like on Facebook,or even Google+. To learn more about the developer, Romain Courtois Games check out the website and follow on Twitter.

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