Jet Set Knights Releases on Steam Early Access

Jet Set Knights is a retro-styled indie game that promises a challenging mash-up of tower defense, role playing, and platforming. Jet Set Knights is trying to emulate the best of yesteryear with its sprite art and soundtrack. Still in development, developer FobTi Interactive has a lot of plans for the game, including a multiplayer mode, more characters and more challenging levels.

FobTi is no newbie to Steam, having launched their previous game Obludia in summer, 2014. Despite pitching their game as Smash TV meets RPG, Obludia doesn’t seem to have amazed Steam’s user reviewers. At the time of writing Obludia sits at 58% positive of the fifty-three user reviews. Hopefully FobTi’s latest project is more successful once it leaves Early Access.

Jet Set Knights looks like a lot of fun for people who enjoy these sorts of challenging platformers, and we’re excited to hear more about it in the future. Interested readers can buy the game on Steam now.

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