Jawsome! A Game about Punching Sharks in the Face so Hard, they Explode.

Fulfill your wildest dreams of punching a shark in the face with ALL CAPS‘ debut title, Jawsome!

Jawsome is a difficult, fast-paced mobile game, where you play as Jacque – a scribbly-faced bald man, who is the passenger of a plane that’s crash landed on a remote island. Stranded and alone, you must fend for your life as sharks come from all sides to get you! Stay alive as long as you can, punching an endless horde of sharks in their faces. The game is over when you are eaten; teaching a valuable life lesson – no matter how many sharks you punch, there’s no escaping death.


Punch sharks so hard that they explode!

Jawsome keeps tally of the amount of sharks you punch. As you tally up your shark-punch count, you can earn cool titles like “Warrior of the Blue” or “Shark Slapper.” Since the launch of Jawsome, more than 50,000 sharks have been punched!

Created in a Game Jam, danish development studio ALL CAPS has delivered a simplistic, addictive app game, that is completely free to download! Get it for iOS here or for Android here!

ALL CAPS is currently working on Block Amok for smartphones and tablets. Follow them on Twitter and ‘like’ them on Facebook to stay informed about everything the team is up to.

Kurt Indovina is a writer and artist, with an unhealthy obsession for the graphic adventure genre. He spends his time finding games that are more or less out of the ordinary, and push the boundaries of what defines video games as a medium. His dreams and aspirations is to one day be an old woman. If you like your coffee black, the game Grim Fandango, or the show Twin Peaks, you'll get along just fine.