Jason Rohrer Goes All in With Cordial Minuet

Combine gambling, elements of Sudoku, and a little dark magick, and you get Jason Rohrer’s latest game, Cordial Minuet. In this obscure little game that uses real money, both human players must compete in a risky gamble that could make or break the bank account. Players will join together in an online game room for two, centered around a 6×6 magic square. The players will buy-in with whatever amount they choose, and are then provided with 100 units that each represent 1/100th of their buy-in amount.

In a round, one player selects a row or column for themselves, and one for their opponent. One player will be assigned to choose from the rows, and the other will choose from the columns. After the round, a score is determined by the intersecting square of the rows and columns chosen. Whichever number is in the intersection of the player’s row or column they chose and the one chosen by their opponent, is added to their score. The mystery remains on which number the opponent received. This is where the stakes are raised. Players must determine whether or not they’re confident that they got the higher score. Checking the remaining rows and columns will give players a little foresight, but unfortunately rows and columns that the opponent chose for themselves are never revealed.


Jason Rohrer has been developing short indie games that constantly use different methods to get players to think beyond the game they’re playing. From titles as early as Transcend and Passage to later titles like Sleep is Death and The Castle Doctrine, Rohrer is looking to push the envelope and develop games with a deeper meaning than just an entertainment platform. In constructing Cordial Minuet, he fulfilled a goal of making a gambling title. Though there’s no set release date, Rohrer confirmed to IGM that a launch contest is in the planning stages, and updates can be found on Twitter.

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