It’s Finally Time for Super Time Force

We’ve been anticipating Super Time Force literally for years. After its original announcement back in 2011, we got the chance to play little teases of Capybara Games’ extravagant run’n’gunner over the years, each time exciting us more than the last. Last year, Super Time Force made it onto our list of most anticipated for 2013, and while it didn’t make its expected 2013 release, we didn’t forget about Capy’s newest game– and on May 14th, we’ll all finally get the chance to play it.

For those unacquainted with one of the most promising indie releases this year, Super Time Force is an insanity-fuelled side-scrolling shooter with a time travelling mechanic that allows players to fight alongside themselves. Using the “Time-Out” power, you can stop and rewind the game, ultimately creating a duplicate yourself in what Capy calls “single-player co-op.” By controlling a literal army of yourself and more firepower than you’ll know what to do with, Super Time Force promises crazy fun and some of the most unique action gameplay around when it releases on Xbox 360 and Xbox One digital marketplaces on May 14th.

Capybara Games are most well known for their excellent, award-winning adventure game Sword & Sworcery EP, and the upcoming Xbox One timed-exclusive, Belowwhich we played and also fell in love with at last month’s PAX East.