It’s a Communal Effort in City of the Shroud

City of the Shroud

A community, theoretically, brings us together and makes us better as a whole; but it isn’t perfect. Humans can be swayed by their emotions; what may once start out as a noble intent, leading a community to prosper, could fail, becoming something darker and more sinister. The city of Iskendrun is closed off to the outside world by a magical cage, its citizens are ensnared in violence and corruption. The leaders of the city and their factions have broken out into a civil war, all while searching for the answer to who has sealed off the city in the first place.

City of the Shroud is a tactical RPG from developer Abyssal Arts. Players can choose a faction that aligns with their beliefs. They’ll shape and build their character with one of the six available classes to suit their play style. The game takes an interesting choice in combat by mixing tactical combat with a combo system found often in fighting games. This will allow players to chain together different types of attacks. The story is driven by the community; players’ collective actions and their choices will drive the story and shape the outcome. The game will also feature PvP combat, allowing players to challenge their friends and test out their combat skills against one another.

City of the Shroud is currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, if successfully funded, the game will be released in August. To learn more about the game and developer Abyssal Arts visit their websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

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