It’s a Bronze-Age Brawl in Apotheon Arena

Apotheon Arena battle
Return to ancient Greece with the latest installment to Alientrap’s Apotheon with Apotheon Arena. Instead of fighting their way up Mount Olympus to take the god’s divine power for themselves, player’s are pitted against other players in an online multiplayer game. We covered Apotheon back in February as part of PlayStation Plus’s lineup for the month.

Players can battle it out across 10 different arena settings. These arenas range from the Grove of Artemis, to the Palace of Zeus. Weapon options pull from the Bronze Age allowing players to use period weapons such as spears, swords, axes and arrows. There are three game modes including Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Team Elimination.

Apotheon Arena battle 2

Apotheon Arena is out now for free on Steam. Players who own Apotheon do not need to download Apotheon Arena  as it’s been added to the main game To learn more about the game and developer Alientrap visit their official website, and check them out on Facebook, and Twitter.

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