It’s A Blast: ‘Ballistic’ Given iOS Release

RadianGames’ frantic twin-stick shooter, Ballistic, has officially been released on iOS via the App Store.

Previously a PC exclusive, not to mention a component of Radian’s Quadtastic Launch Collection, the game has made its way onto Apple’s mobile platforms without appearing to have made any compromises in terms of content. All of the PC edition’s gameplay modes, including the prominent ‘Waves’ mode and the generous handful of side-show challenges, appear to have ended up in the iOS version, which will come as welcome news to potentially concerned fans of the original.

As noted in our review of Ballistic‘s PC outing, its primary items of interest are its dazzling, rapidly-paced shooter action, its vibrant visual design and the evergreen push for that elusive high score. We’re hopeful that the twin-stick controls, which seems woefully out of place when operated via a traditional mouse and keyboard, will be better suited to the touch-screen interfaces of both the iPhone and iPad, although we’re also convinced that the game itself will lend itself well to the pick-up-and-play dynamic associated with mobile devices.

To purchase Ballistic for the launch price of $1.99, head over to its official App Store page.