iPong Reboots a Classic, Includes Cross-Platform Multiplayer

One of the first multiplayer games was Pong, and while it was two generations ago, it still gets referenced enough today for younger folks to know what it is. Soloweb N.V. has brought a playable version to Mac (OS X) and Windows PC through Desura. They’ve named it iPong, and among other updates to the original Atari game, the game features single-player (against the computer), a local co-op, and a cross-platform multiplayer, which can be utilized either through your local network or online.


iPong has also been updated with new HD graphics featuring galaxy-inspired backgrounds, an original soundtrack, and power-ups that can be used throughout the game to gain an edge through the progression of the levels. Players can set their own avatars for recognition among friends, as well as for possible random online opponents. It’s priced at $2.49 in the Desura store, and will be available for purchase and download tomorrow, September 27.

For more information about iPong and other Soloweb projects, visit the Soloweb site, follow iPong on Twitter, or like the game’s Facebook.

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