iOS Game Developers Breath A Sigh Of Relief With iPad Mini Announcement

iPad Mini

Earlier this morning Apple had their (out of the norm) press conference where they announced a new Macbook, Mac Mini, iMac, and most importantly the iPad Mini and unexpected iPad 4. Leading up to the conference was speculation on what size the iPad Mini’s screen and resolution would be and whether developers would have to update their games so it would be compatible with the device.

The iPad Mini has been unveiled and it’s touting a 7.9 inch 1,024 x 768 resolution display. That’s the exact same resolution as the iPad 2 slimmed down into a 7.9 inch size meaning their won’t be any work for developer’s apps to run at the correct resolution. For the consumers, it was bad news as many were hoping for a Retina Display, but instead were met with a low-resolution device priced significantly higher than competing Android tablets at $329.

With game developers rushing to push updates to support the new iPhone 5 screen size, the announcement today was a huge sigh of relief. In fact, many developers voiced their content on Twitter as the conference went on. DemonStudios asked the community “How many other devs gave a sigh of relief that the #iPadmini isn’t an all-new resolution :) Great price too, think it will do well.” While Nexus Game Studio, developers of Infinite which releases tomorrow, said “Thank god for us not needing to redesign our apps for iPad Mini.”

With Apple looking to push more products out yearly, as shown by the announcement of the iPad 4 just six months out from its predecessor, the sigh of relief is understandable.

  • Cole

    iPad Mini *fanfares!*

    ps vita *cricket chirps*

  • Vampiric

    its a rip off