‘Ionage’ Seeks Your RTS Skills

Ionage Banner

By now most of us have probably played a tower defence game, whether it’s by choice or by chance, that involves building a defensive platform or two in order to stop an incoming force from destroying your little establishment. The upcoming sci-fi Android exclusive Ionage has its sights set on altering your very perception of what you think it means to defend your home.

Here’s how. Instead of protecting or building across a given pathway or blocking the enemy from pushing in, Ionage has you in control of a giant space platform floating in deep space. Within that platform you can build upon and upgrade your defences in order to take the battle to another similarly powerful platform that’s out to overrun your area of outer space.


The strategy comes from finding a weakness in your enemies base. As you add more weapons and stations across your platform, you’ll be able to alter the angle and power of attack which can make or break your chances. Asteroids will make their presence known during battle that can be mined in order to pay for your upgrades, allowing you to constantly expand your base. Just don’t get into a ‘my giant space station is bigger than yours’ war, that never ends well.


Ionage will be released very soon for Android devices. Right now it’s in an alpha testing phase, of which you can play a part in improving the game and checking for bugs if you visit the official website and sign up. Alpha may be an early state of what the game will be, but the more you play the more you’ll discover and possibly influence the dev team with your superior knowledge. If you do sign up, let us know what you think via our official forums.