Invisible Inc. Reveals Release Date with New Trailer

Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja, Shank) are excited to announce May 12 as the official launch day for their newest title, Invisible Inc. This is the studio’s third Steam Early Access title to see a full release. It will be available to players on PC, Mac, and Linux for Steam, with a DRM-free download available on the official website. The Steam and website releases will be available on May 12, with a teased PS4 version to be announced at some point in the future.

1. Corporate-Servers

Players control a group of covert agents as they attempt to break into high security corporate buildings to retrieve data, and disable important systems. Featuring turn-based mechanics, players execute stealth maneuvers, take-downs, and security hacking to accomplish their missions. All 10 available agents are unlocked through gameplay, with several variant skins and skill customizations available. Floor layouts, threats, and loot are all randomly generated, so each playthrough will offer unique challenges and difficulties. Several game modes, complete with customization options, also enable gamers to play the way they prefer.

2. Hostile-Takeover

Those who own the Early Access version will be able to continue playing the development build, but new sales have been disabled since the release announcement. Players of the Early Access build will soon find several new changes to the full version, including fully animated 3D cinematic sequences with voiceover, new agents, programs, augments, game modes, and more.

For additional screenshots and updates, check out the official Invisible Inc. website or Steam page.

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