Invisible, Inc Emerges from the Shadows August 19

In case Vinny’s PAX East preview of Klei Entertainment’s Invisible, Inc didn’t sell you on the turn-based stealth game, you’ll soon be able to try the game out for yourself. The game is getting ready to hit Steam Early Access on August 19th, so you’d better sharpen up your hacking and hiding skills, as they’re soon to become necessary. (Hiding in a box probably isn’t going to be enough to outsmart these guards…)

Klei has promised some interesting things for the game. Turning its focus away from the sneaky combat of Mark of the Ninja toward pure, undiluted stealth gameplay, your job is to infiltrate hideouts, crack enemy mainframes, and get out without anyone having known you were there. Using procedurally-generated levels, the game is looking to challenge players in different ways each time. Players are also free to hack security measures in each level, turning off devices, unlocking doors, and causing trouble for the enemy if you are smart and skilled enough to do it. There’s no need to just rely on hiding well, although that sure helps.

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Playing well can reward players with added perks to improve their agents, or new opportunities to get them sent to the morgue. There’s no coming back once you’re dead, though, which will likely result in some brutal showdowns with the various sentries and other security measures in the game’s stages. Then again, the turn-based nature of the game should give you plenty of time to figure out your next move and get it right. You’d hate to lose an agent who’s been building experience and skills over a dumb screw-up, wouldn’t you?

Klei releases some quality titles, so for someone looking for a pure stealth game that shies away from combat, Invisible, Inc is something well worth looking into. There are few new details aside from the release date for Early Access as of this moment, but in only a few weeks, you’ll all get to see how the game is shaping up first-hand.

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