Introducing ‘forma.8’ Developers: Mixed Bag

As the sun rose over the city of California, bringing in the first day of the madness and geeky glory that is E3, an announcement from our friends in Turin, Italy arrived. We did a brief preview of their upcoming iOS adventure title Forma.8, but this new release came with gorgeous new preview images of the game as well as information about the growth of the studio itself.

To begin with, the studio with no name now has a name! Mixed Bag, as it’s now called, after making more headway in development are now able to tell us just a little more about their new title. The first interesting piece of news is that Forma.8 will not use any sort of virtual joystick, the controls are being crafted especially for the game in such a way that Mixed Bag says will be, “an intuitive way to explore and interact with the vast world around you.” Hopefully this means that all of those lovely design choices will not be wasted by drawing the players eye to some aspect of a UI overlay, placing the player’s focus where it should be: on the game. On top of that, Mixed Bag has announced the following summary of the plot of Forma.8, a plot which when paired with what we know about the control scheme, help emphasize a game based on exploration and discovery.

“In a distant future, on an alien planet, a small exploration probe called forma.8 has a mission to accomplish: he needs to find something before it’s too late. Your mission is vague, the planet is big, you got parted away from your companion by an accidental event, and you just know you have to delve deeper and deeper below the planet surface.But not everything is like it seems. Ancient civilisations, great perils and dystopian visions awaits you…”

If all of that isn’t exciting enough, Mixed Bag have taken Forma.8 to E3 and are set up on the show floor, in booth OFMR4101 in West Hall. It’s the booth, if that makes it easier to find. Still want more excitement? Forma.8 has been tentatively slated for a Winter 2012 release across all iOS platforms, and I for one can’t wait. Stay tuned here for more information, and if that’s not enough, check Mixed Bag’s Game website or Facebook page for more info straight from the developer’s mouth.