Into The Dim Is A Turn-Based, Dungeon Adventure Coming Next Week

Into The Dim

Into The Dim is a turn-based dungeon crawler that’s releasing on December 16th for iOS devices. The developer, Happymagenta, has previously released Fists of Fury, Hyper Swiper, and Splish Splash Pong, onto the iOS App Store.

Echoing the graphical style of Fists of Fury, Into The Dim utilizes black, gray, and khaki pixel graphics reminiscent of the kinds of visuals that a Game Boy could provide. Kids these days are calling that a “retro look”. However, the comparisons to an old Game Boy game do not end with the graphics.

Chat dialogue pops up at the bottom of the screen next to a portrait of the character who has something to say. The audio then jibber-jabbers to simulate the character talking as the words pop onto the screen, and the audio overall is something you’d expect to hear coming out of a Game Boy.

With a complete, classic audio and visual theme in check, Into The Dim’s gameplay is what I found to be most engaging.

Each dungeon adventure gives you one life. When you die you’re reset back to your little dungeon hub where you can spend the coins you collected on upgrading your hero, making him stronger in various ways. As you gradually upgrade your hero, you’ll be able to get further and further into the dungeon, as the enemies who gave you trouble in the beginning will be easily dealt with thanks to your enhanced strengths.

Players are given a sword and a gun to slay enemies with. The gun can be used a limited number of times in each run, and can hit enemies from a distance. The sword is utilized once an enemy is close enough. Since Into the Dim is turn-based, if you don’t kill the enemy in the three hits (or less, if you used 1 or 2 of your 3 actions to move) that you get per turn, they will then do damage to you, and if you survive their attack the game shifts control back over to you, to hopefully finish them off.

Into the Dim lockpicking

I always enjoy mini-games and Into the Dim has one in the form of a neat little way of handling lock-picking. When you get to a locked item, you can interact with it and trigger a lock-picking mini-game. To unlock the lock, you simple have to fill in all the empty blocks on a chart, but you can’t cross over a line that you already filled in. It’s a neat little puzzle element that I thought worked well to simulate the task of picking a lock.

Initially, Into the Dim felt a little repetitive. Because you start out so weak, you’ll die relatively easily at the beginning. Once you collect enough coins to get your hero decently upgraded, you’ll be able to progress deeper into the game and find all sorts of nasty surprises like spiders, collapsing floors, spike traps, and plenty more.

Into the Dim is out on iOS devices, next Wednesday.


Happymagenta provided us with a key for the purpose of this preview.

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