Interview With Simian Squared About ‘The Other Brothers’


Just the other week I was lucky enough to be able to interview Simian Squared  about their latest release The Other Brothers. The game has seen many ups and downs over its development cycle and the change in direction to publish initially on the iOS has been an interesting one.

The Other Brothers is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that has been created in a great retro style, really paying homage to the classic platformers of yesteryear. It’s great to finally see the game released as I find out a little more about the game and the people behind the game.

IGM: What gave you the inspiration to create a retro platformer?
Bjorn: We love platformers, it felt natural to create one and we felt we could bring something new to it.
IGM: Where did the idea for The Other Brothers come from?
Thomas: Many a late night with Bjorn on Skype lead to a crazy cast of characters and a little universe that simply couldn’t NOT be made!
IGM: Why do you feel The Other Brothers is suited so well to the iOS platform?
Rob: The answer is, it’s not. In fact, The Other Brothers is ENTIRELY designed for console and desktop markets. To fit all this into a mobile phone took a considerable engineering effort.
IGM: What do you feel The Other Brothers Will bring to the iOS platform?
Giuseppe: The vast majority of retro-styled platformers on iOS are direct translations of games from that era, you’re getting repetitive tiles and the same old “feel” with the gameplay.
With TOB, we’ve taken an aesthetic we love, evolved it and combined it with modern ideas to create an experience for today’s gamer – this isn’t retro. You’ve got nuanced movement, modern physics & interaction here combined with aggressive AI in exploitative, expansive levels. If that sounds like your cup of tea, give TOB a play!
IGM: How much of a setback was the initial failure to reach the Kickstarter funding goal, And how did it change your plans?
Giuseppe: Whilst we didn’t reach our goal, it was a fantastic chance to connect with fans and in turn they were able to help shape the game. Meeting the goal was sorely needed and definitely set us back but the campaign was definitely a positive thing regardless.
IGM: How supportive have the community been of the game?
Rob: The community have been incredibly supportive and appreciative, we’ve spent time getting to know them on forums and the overwhelming response is positive.
IGM: What was your decision to initially release the game on the iOS platform?
Thomas: It allows us to go with an episodic approach where we can take the time to really craft a quality title, and that allows fans to get involved as the game evolves and grows.
IGM: How does the game now in its complete form differ from your initial ideas for the game?
Bjorn: The game has certainly evolved from the original concept; initially it was rather linear but over the course of development the team have explored a number of avenues and I think we found the sweet spot.
IGM: Is there any plans to release The Other Brothers on Android overall or just the OUYA?
Thomas: We’re looking at the options at the moment and there are definitely a couple of great Android platforms we like the look of.
IGM: Can we expect the PC and OUYA versions to offer additional content over the iOS?
Giuseppe: We want to take advantage of the unique features that come with these platforms and definitely have a couple of things lined up to do so!
The other brothers level 8
The Other Brothers is currently available on iOS for $2.59. Find out more about the game on the official The Other Brothers site.

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