Interview: Glitch Games & Forever Lost: Episode 2 (Part Two)


Were there any particular pieces of feedback that surprised you?

4To be perfectly honest, we weren’t expecting so much positive feedback. When you create something, something that you have a real passion for, it is a very nerve wracking thing to then release it upon the world and allow other people to poke at it and pull it apart. We honestly expected for people to hate it or worse, not actually care about it.

Other than the shock of positive feedback there were other things that we weren’t expecting such as the difficulty of audio-based puzzles, the seemingly worldwide ability to understand english surprisingly well ( or at the very least enjoy the game without understanding the text ) and the connections people made to the little throwaway things such as *spoilers* Hugo Simms trapped in iCeption and the Down button in the elevator. We’ve stopped counting now how many times someone has asked us if Hugo was ever able to escape ( or telling us how guilty they felt when they forgot about him ) or what would have happened if they had gone down in the elevator instead of up.

Needless to say we have been taking all of this feedback under heavy advisement for Episode 2 and who knows, maybe Hugo will make a cameo appearance.

What can fans expect from Forever Lost going forward, starting with Episode 2?

The main things our fans can expect in future episodes are: a greater variety of environments to explore, a bigger selection of puzzles, a greater unravelling of the story and for Episode 2 especially, a generally bigger game. I suppose, the main difference this time around is that we now know we have people that will want to play Episode 2 whereas Episode 1 was very much a shot in the dark. We have broken down the Forever Lost story by using the bigger plot points as the Episode transitions, but the story is already decided upon so there is an definite and pre-planned ending. We do not wish to abuse the popularity of the game and make Forever Lost outstay its welcome by a never ending bombardment of episodes. So, we hope our fans enjoy what has been and what is to come.

3What chances are there for a Forever Lost port to other platforms?

We have recently released Episode 1 on Android ( via the Google Play and Amazon stores as well as the Samsung store soon ) and are quite excited to see how that goes. Being able to have the game accessible to as many people as possible is very important to us, not just for the obvious financial reasons but more so for the simple fact that we enjoy knowing that people are playing our creation and, based on the feedback we’ve received, really enjoying it.

As far as other platforms are concerned, we are currently limited by what platforms the Corona SDK support which is just iOS and Android at present. We hope that support for Windows Phone 8 and desktops will be added in the future, in which case it would be fairly trivial to port the game across, and would love to see it working in a browser too but until support for other platforms are added we really only have two options, wait for additional support or port to another engine; neither of which are preferable.

We will also have an Ouya in the office within a couple of months ( assuming their schedule is kept to ) and are curious to see if we are able to get it working on that, however at present we are not sure how the interface will work. If you have any ideas please let us know!

A big thank you to Glitch Games for taking the time to speak to us, as well as providing your first look at Forever Lost: Episode 2We’ll have more on the game as its release date draws closer.


    I looooooove the forever lost episodes. I just finished with episode 2.
    I just don’t understand the story behind it about jason and alice white e.g.
    Can anyone explain it?

    Thanks a lot!