Interstellaria – The Call To Adventure…

Coldrice Games have announced that their up and coming game Interstellaria will release on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux on July 17th. This news is released with a trailer that provides a small glimpse into a seemingly complicated and in-depth space exploration simulator.


Interstellaria utilizes many different game features to provide multiple elements, with several layers to explore in a 16-bit, retro package. The game uses a tactical crew-management system that feels similar to FTL, with players able to direct crew members to handle fires and man stations when in and out of combat. The next layer comes from the Sims-like qualities of the crew, who need food, sleep, and entertainment to survive the long journeys in space. They can also develop individual traits that can either help or hinder during a mission. Various outfits and weapons provide further character customization. With this crew, players can explore a galaxy and land on several types of planets where anything could happen.


Interstellaria will release on Steam for $9.99, and will feature an original soundtrack from chiptune musician Chipzel. The game is the first commercial product for the one-man team at Coldrice Games and follows a successful kickstarter campaign from November 2013. Follow Coldrice Games on Twitter or Facebook to learn more, and stay tuned for a launch day review on July 17, right here on IGM.

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  • Prophit

    how is this different from star command and starbound? I often find these exploration games disappointing in 2D format because there’s no suspense. You don’t have to dredge what’s around the corner or what’s possibly in front of you