Interstellar Marines Update #11 – New Weapon and Game Mode

Zero Point Software recently released an update to their game, Interstellar Marines. Currently on Steam Early Access, the game is a science fiction FPS with opportunities for multiplayer co-op, role-playing, and non-linear gameplay.

Interstellar Marines received three major changes in update #11, as well as other minor tweaks and fixes. First is a new game mode called Deadlock where players must capture and hold seven control points, or take down the entire enemy team. Respawn is dependent on either waiting 120 seconds, or being revived by teammates. This game mode promises to be very intense and requires both tactical thinking and good teamwork.

InterstellarMarines 2014-03-27 14-11-04-129

The second update is in the form of a new weapon: The AR 03 with 4x ACOG scope. This is an assault rifle with mid to long range capabilities that players will be able to fire quickly, and accurately. The original weapon for Interstellar Marines, the SMG, has been re-balanced for close-quarter combat scenarios. Finally, a new map was added to the game called The Stronghold. The map is the first within the game to feature two distinct areas and required play styles. One half of the map is a low-light, dense forest, while the other is smaller and urban, with tight corners and a few surprises.

Interstellar Marines by Zero Point Software already has many features to entertain teams of gamers, and is currently available on Steam Early Access for PC and Mac.

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