Instinct Takes Survival Back to the Mesolithic Period

Initial Game Studios is tackling the space between paleolithic and neolithic with a new multiplayer survival game. Instinct gives players the opportunity to test their mettle in a tribal setting way back in the Mesolithic Period, about 7,000 years ago.

The lush, jungle setting of Instinct covers a sprawling area of 256 kilometers squared (98 miles squared). Rivers, mountains, forests, and other features play an important role in the game’s climate, which could have advantageous or adverse effects on survival. A tribe close to a river benefits from the water supply, but is also in danger of a flash flood. Natural, random catastrophes can occur at any time in Instinct.

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As for the players, a server will host 64 at once. Tribes play a huge role in the game, so at the start everyone divides into eight-person teams, each selecting where to start their settlement. Within tribes, each player has a different role, dictated by one of the five classes (currently, four are finished). While anybody could hunt for provisions for the tribe, Hunters will be much better at it, having increased statistics related to fighting. On the other hand, Explorers are better suited to discovering land rather than hunting prey.

Initial Game Studios recently put Instinct on Steam, campaigning for the Greenlight to start distribution. If Greenlit, Instinct will first be an Early Access title with a $13.99 price point. The studio does not plan on including any paid content within the game, but will continue providing free updates post-release.

Head over to Instinct‘s Steam Greenlight page to consider voting for the multiplayer survival title, and follow the studio’s Twitter.

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