Insanity’s Blade Now Available on Desura

To put Causal Bit Games’ Insanity’s Blade into perspective: Kratos fought his way OUT of hell (hades); the hero of Insanity’s Blade is fighting his way deeper IN. He’s not just going to mope about his dead family, he’s going straight into hell to fish them back out. Sure makes Kratos look like a mopey, grumpy baby, doesn’t he?


Insanity’s Blade is pure, hard goodness, which you can see for yourself from the current demo that was just released. The 2D action is 16-bit, pushing those graphics to their limits with huge background objects like monster heads and flaming cities. The monsters also drip gore as they creep toward you, reminding me of the feelings I got while looking at the creatures from Super Cyborg. The sound design is seems equally impressive, especially the scream the main character makes when he dies. That guy is in some real pain, here. And that soundtrack? The medleys available on Soundcloud tell you that this game is going to have some powerful audio to go along with its dark, bloody themes. Adding in huge bosses, weapon/level upgrades, and a large variety of stages should make this game hard for Castlevania/horror action game fans to ignore.


The game was just released on Desura, and is available on sale for $7.99 for a few more days until it goes back to its regular price of $9.99. You could also wait for it to come out on the Wii U, as Causal Bit Games is a Nintendo-approved developer. Insanity’s Blade is also looking for some Greenlight love right now.

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  • Дмитрий Фестулов

    How open door on 2 level. In cave.

  • If it’s the door at the very start of level 2, you need to go back to level 1 and look for a piece of breakable wall about halfway through the level. It stands out, so you should notice it. Once in there, you’ll have to play through a short hidden stage and beat a boss, which will give you a Golden Egg which opens the way to level 2.

    Let me know if that helps!

  • Дмитрий Фестулов

    Man, thank you. You a best !!!

  • Haha, thanks! Let me know if you get stuck again. Hope you like the game!