Innerspace: Boundless Flight Simulation

Innerspace is an exploration game that puts players in control of a cartographer in uncharted bubble-worlds. In a universe with inverted physics that hold spherical worlds, the player is given a transforming plane that can not only navigate the skies, but also convert to a submerged vehicle to explore the depths of the oceans that saturate these ecosystems. The plane can destroy objects as well by flying through them, making large structures look like Swiss cheese monuments all while taking a relaxing and intriguing flight that can go from forming up with local aerial wildlife, to drafting the current left in the wake of a whale’s tail. ┬áThe bubble worlds of Innerspace are rich with life and color, and take the flight sim genre for a ride of its own with a unique flavor. Drawing inspiration from games like Shadow of the Colossus and Proteus, Innerspace generates an atmosphere of its own that plays by its own rules.

Innerspace is currently at the tail end of their Kickstarter campaign which has nearly reached its goal. The game is in development for PC, Mac, and Linux, and is currently looking for more votes on Steam Greenlight. Polyknight Games is looking to break the binds of the flight sim genre and give players an experience tailored to the new, reconditioned method of game consumption of recent releases that give games a fresh coat of paint and bring more players to the table.

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