INK Splashes in a Bit of Fast-Paced Platforming

They say life is a lot more interesting with a little color, but in INK – a hardcore, fast-paced platformer – life is impossible without it. INK was completed after the Ludum Dare 32 challenge, as developer Zack Bell Games was unable to complete it during the game jam itself. After positive response to the prototype, a light version was released on using a “pay-what-you-will” format. Now, the developer plans to release an expanded version through Steam after a successful Greenlight campaign.


As soon as INK begins, it becomes abundantly clear that platforming won’t be as simple as a leap to a nearby ledge. The world is invisible at first, only slowly revealed as the player spews ink across the play space. Everything the square touches becomes splattered with color. Touching a surface isn’t the only way to paint, though, as a double jump will spray paint in all directions. Dodging a turret bullet can also help, and even dying results in a strategic explosion of color.

The Steam version of the game is expected to greatly expand on the original experience, adding more game mechanics, enemies, levels, and even Bosses. Additional difficulty settings will also be introduced, with a particular focus on using death – and the ensuing color splatter – as a functional strategy.


INK is slated to be released Summer 2015 on Steam. PC, Mac, and Linux versions will be supported, and Xbox One is a possibility as well due to the developer’s enrollment in the ID@Xbox program. For more information, be sure to visit the developer’s website.

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