Infinite Space 3 Launches on Kickstarter

Digital Eel has launched a Kickstarter Project today to create a 3rd game in their Infinite Space series of Sci-Fi RogueLike Games.  If you’ve never played Infinite Space or Weird Worlds before, they are some of the great indie classics that inspired games like the critically acclaimed FTL.  The FTL developers even thanked Weird Worlds during one of their IGF acceptance speeches a few weeks ago.  At its core, Sea of Stars will be very similar to the previous two games in the series.  It will be a single-player science fiction roguelike with a turn-based star map combined with a real-time combat system. The game will provide a randomly generated open world every time you play. Once again the game will focus on short single play sessions that change and offer unique experiences every time that you play.   There is no going back to a saved game – everything you do has a permanent effect. Death is frequent, but another short game experience is always right around the bend.  The biggest change in this 3rd title looks to be in the graphics department.  Infinite Space 3 looks to be graduating to the 3rd dimension.  A lot has changed since the original Infinite Space was released 12 years ago, but it’s good to know that this genre of game has only increased in popularity.


You can back the project and get the game for as little as $10.  This could be the next FTL, so if you’re into that kind of thing, check it out: